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Welcome to the Ladies of Horror Fiction Directory! We can’t promise it’s a comprehensive list (though we do promise we’re trying our hardest to make it so!), but if you are looking to read more female authors in horror fiction and don’t know where to start, this should give you a great jumping-off point.

Listed (last, first) alphabetically. Click on the word “Website” to be taken to their personal websites if they have one or their Goodreads author page if they do not.

As time goes, we will slowly be adding profiles on the site about each of the women. When that happens, their names will be clickable.

This list will continue to develop over time. If there is a name we are missing, please let us know in the comments below. If you are a LOHF author and would like to see your profile listed on our website please click here to submit your information.

NOTE: A (D) beside a person’s name indicates deceased. A * indicates that this is a pseudonym (of a female writer).

Gentle reminder: We are not perfect. We may get your name wrong. If we do, feel free to let us know what we did. However, remember the golden rule and treat people how you, yourself, expect to be treated. 

Due to a delightfully long list, we’ve broken the LOHF Directory up into several pages. Here you will find A-D, but click on any of the following links to be taken to the relevant sections. E-J, K-M, N-S, T-Z


Abrams, MariaWebsite

Abuttu, Querus “Dr. Q”Website

Addams, AstridWebsite

Addison, LindaWebsite

Adler, Dahlia – Website

Ahlborn, AniaWebsite

Alameda, CourtneyWebsite

Aldridge, ChristyTwitter

Alexander, MariaWebsite

Alexander, Pheare Website

Algee, ScarlettWebsite

Alkaf, HannaWebsite

Allan, NinaWebsite

Alleyne, C. S.Website

Allison, Andrea – Website

Amor, GemmaWebsite

Anderson, ColleenWebsite

Anderton, JoanneWebsite

Ann, BrooklynWebsite

Archer, AngelaWebsite

Arcuri, MeghanWebsite

Arkenberg, MeganWebsite

Arrelle, DianeWebsite

Ashe, Paula – Website

Askew, J. Website

Asquith, Cynthia (D) – Website

Audsley, EmmaWebsite

Aukes, RachelWebsite

Awad, MonaWebsite


Baker, ChandlerWebsite

Baker, Nancy Website

Baratz-Logsted, LaurenWebsite

Bardugo, LeighWebsite

Baron, JudithWebsite

Barrett, ShirleyWebsite | Review

Baptiste, TraceyWebsite

Baumgartner, Jessica Website

Bazterrica, Agustina – Website

Beamer, AmeliaWebsite

Bell, NicoWebsite

Bellabone, Sophie – Website

Benally, Julia Website

Bene, Jennifer – Website

Bergling, ChristinaWebsite

Bergstrom, Elaine – Website

Bettes, Kimberly – Website 

Beukes, Lauren – Review | Website

Billson, AnneWebsite

Bird, Allyson – Website

Bissett, Carina MarieWebsite

Black, Alice J. – Website

Black, Darlene – Website

Black, E.A. – Website

Black, Kerry E. B. – Website

Blackthorn, Rose – Website

Blalock, R.L. – Website

Blu, Imber – Website

Bodine, T.L.Website

Boek, Debbie – Website

Bond, Gwenda – Website | Review

Boskovitch, Desirina – Website

Bosworth, Jennifer – Website

Boudreau, Chantal – Website

Boughton, Toni L. H. – Website

Bourque, Crystal – Website

Bowen, Elizabeth (D) – Website

Bowen, Marjorie (D) – Website

Boyle, R. L.Website

Brace, Maggie D.Twitter

Braithwaite, OyinkanTwitter

Brandeis, GayleWebsite

Braun, TheresaWebsite

Breukelaar, JS Website

Brock, Sunni – Website

Brooke, Sara – Website

Brooks, Jane – Website

Brown, Dani – Website

Brown, India HillWebsite

Brown, Tiffany Michelle – Website

Brown, Tonia – Website

Brozek, JenniferWebsite

Bruce, CamillaWebsite

Bruce, Georgina – Website

Buckingham, Carson – Website

Budd, Sarah – Website

Bulkin, Nadia – Website

Burke, Chesya – Website

Burns, Catherine – Website

Busby, R.A.Website


Cacek, P.D. – Website

Cade, OctaviaTwitter

Candia, Lauren – Website

Candies, MyriaWebsite

Canon, Somer – Website

Cantoral, Leza – Website

Cantrell, Lisa W. – Website

Capria, Alana I. – Website

Cardinal, Ann DรกvilaWebsite

Carmen, Christa – Website

Carroll-Bradd, Shenoa – Website

Carroll, Emily – Website

Carroll, Louann – Website

Carter, Angela (D) – Website

Castleberry, ClareInstagram

Castro, V.Website

Catris, AnastasiaWebsite

Catt, Diana – Website

Caummisar, Sea – Website

Cavanagh, Wren – Website

Cavendish, Catherine – Review | Website

Chambers, Selena – Website

Chaney, D.A. – Website

Chase, Victorya – Website

Chelser, Chris – SpotlightWebsite

Childs, Lily – Website

Christian, Autumn – Website

Christie, PeggyWebsite

Christy, Ann – Website

Church, Suzanne – Website

Chushcoff, Jennifer PrestonWebsite

Clark, Caroline – Website

Clevenger, Carrie – Website

Coates, Darcy – Website

Colborn, CattTwitter

Cole, Catherine J. – Website

Collins, Nancy A. – Website

Combs, Samantha – Website

Conner, Lesley – Website

Connor, Crystal – Website

Connor, Sarah – Website

Constant, Eli – Website

Constantine, Storm – Website

Cooper, S.H.Website

Coppola, Teresa – Website

Cord, Katie – Website

Counselman, Mary Elizabeth (D) – Website

Craig, Erin A. | Facebook


Croft, WillowWebsite

Cross, Amy – Website

Cross, Tracy – Website

Crowell, Arielle – Website

Crum, AmandaWebsite

Curtin, Samantha – Website

Cushing, Nicole – Website

Cusick, Richie Tankersley – Website


D’Arcangela, Nina – Website

D’Este, MadeleineWebsite

Dahman, Catt – Website

Dales, Karen – Website

Daley, CassieWebsite

Dalpe, Victoria – Website

Dalrymple, WendyWebsite

Davis, Ashley – Website

De Campi, AlexWebsite

De La Haye, Joan – Website

DeAngelis, Camille – Website

Dearborn, Kristin – Website

DeCamillis Renee S. – Website

Decker, Sherry – Website

Dee, Bonnie – Website

Deering, Rachel Autumn – LOHF ReviewWebsite

DeGeit, Mandy – Website

Deluca, Sandy – Website

Dembo, Arinn – Website

DeMeester, Kristi – SpotlightWebsite

Deresch, ShawnnaWebsite

Derwin, Theresa – Website

Devlin, Tara A. – Website

DeVor, Danielle – Website

Diaz de Arce, LauraWebsite

Diaz, H.B.Website

Dinisi, Kathy – Website

Dioses, AshleyWebsite

Dixon, R.H. – Website

Dorman, Nerine – Website

Douglas, Ellie – SpotlightWebsite

Doyle, D.J.Website

Drake, Isabella – Website

Drake-Thomas, JessicaWebsite

Du Maurier, Daphne – Website

Due, TananariveWebsite

Dumars, Denise – Website

Duncan, Megan – Website

Click on any of the following links to be taken to the relevant sections. E-J, K-M, N-S, T-Z


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