• Profile: Betty Rocksteady

    Betty Rocksteady writes cosmic sex horror, cat mythos, and surreal, claustrophobic nightmares. Her debut novella Arachnophile was part of Eraserhead Press New Bizarro Author Series 2015. Like Jagged Teeth and The Writhing Skies were released by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. The Writhing Skies was voted Novella of the Year by This Is Horror Awards 2018. Website | Twitter Most Recently Published Work (as of July 2020) Fiction like a fever dream… A voyeur suddenly becomes the one being watched, terrifying beasts are stitched together, strange new insects appear, ancient sex gods rise, and an island on the brink of madness falls apart. Betty Rocksteady’s debut collection blends surrealism and horror,…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Creatures
    Guest Post

    Guest Post: Creatures in Horror: From the Weekly World News’ Batboy to Phosphorescent Alien Goop By Betty Rocksteady

    Creatures in Horror: From the Weekly World News’ Batboy to Phosphorescent Alien Goop By Betty Rocksteady My first introduction to horrific creatures was in The Weekly World News, that tabloid magazine from the 80s and 90s featuring weirdo cryptids and Fortean phenomenon. My papa always referred to the mag as just “the news,” so as a kid I was convinced all these creatures were completely real. Actually, I’m still notcompletelyconvinced that those strange beings don’t lurk in hidden corners of the earth. There are a few distinct types of creatures that tend to pop up in genre fiction and I think they all highlight different fears. Secret earthly beings that…

  • Stephanie Wytovich Book Pile of Poetry
    Guest Post,  Interviews,  Reading Recommendations

    Shelf Edition: Stephanie M. Wytovich

    Our February guest for Shelf Edition is another of our favorite Ladies of Horror Fiction authors, Stephanie M. Wytovich! Do you have any recent favorite LOHF books? I’m positively obsessed with Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series, and I’m currently in the midst of reading The Migration by Helen Marshall and I love it so far. I will also happily plug Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction by Lisa Kroger and Melanie R. Anderson. What LOHF books do you have on your TBR? Oh, this list is truly endless, but to share a couple: Benny Rose, The Cannibal King by Hailey Piper; Doll Crimes by Karen…

  • 2019 LOHF Releases

    These are all of the new releases we discovered in 2019. January 2019 Haunting of Henderson Close, The | Catherine Cavendish | Jan. 10 Contrition | Deborah Sheldon | Jan. 15 Murder on the Sapphire Bay (Soul Seekers #6) | Alice J Black | Jan. 15 The Company of Death | Elise Hanson | Jan. 17 Anonyma | Farah Rose Smith | Jan. 24 Last Ones Left Alive | Sarah Davis-Goff | Jan. 24 February 2019 The Bone Weaver’s Orchard | Sarah Read| Feb. 1 Black Blade (Reaper Born #2) | H.G. Lynch | Feb. 3 More Deadly than the Male | Ed. Graeme Davis | Feb. 5 Suspicious Minds…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction Holiday Gift Giving Guide
    Gift Giving Guide

    Ladies of Horror Fiction Gift Guide

    Do you have a horror lover in your life? Are you fresh out of ideas on what to get them? The LOHF has you covered. Books We have narrowed down the books that we think would make excellent Christmas presents per category. Poetry The Apocalyptic Mannequin By Stephanie Wytovich Choking back the Devil By Donna Lynch The Devil’s Dreamland by Sara Tantlinger The Place of Broken Things By Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti Novella Into Bones Like Oil by Kaaron Warren The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper Pretty Marys All In a Row by Gwendolyn Kiste Like Jagged Teeth by Betty Rocksteady Novel Geek love by Katherine Dunn The…

  • Guest Post,  Interviews,  Reading Recommendations

    Shelf Edition: Author Sarah Read

    Our December guest for Shelf Edition is one of our favorite Ladies of Horror Fiction authors, Sarah Read! Sarah is an author and librarian. Do you have any recent favorite LOHF books?  So many! Of course The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste, because of course. Sara Tantlinger’s The Devil’s Dreamland and To Be Devoured were both incredible. Julie C Day’s The Rampant was also gorgeously dark. Alma Katsu’s The Hunger ticked all my horror and history-loving boxes. Danielle Kaheaku’s In Extremis was beautiful and full of dread. And Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage was one of my favorite reads last year. What LOHF books do you have on your TBR?…

  • 8 Days of Halloween: Weird
    Reading Recommendations

    8 Days of Halloween: Weird

    The definition of weird is “a strange or extraordinary character: odd, fantastic.” Each book on this list ticks all our boxes for weird. If you are looking for a weird read this Halloween pick up one of these amazingly weird books by women authors. Bunny – Mona Awad The Bus on Thursday – Shirley Barrett Geek Love – Katherine Dunn F4 – Larissa Glasser Fortune Box – Madeleine Swann Nightingale – Amy Lukavics Pretty Marys All in a Row – Gwendolyn Kiste Providence – Caroline Kepnes Ritualistic Human Sacrifice – CV Hunt Cockblock – CV Hunt I Miss the World – Violet LeVoit Like Jagged Teeth – Betty Rocksteady Fever…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction New Releases
    New Release

    October 2019 LOHF New Releases

    Each month the Ladies of Horror Fiction team posts all of the books we are aware of that will be releasing during that month. If you are involved in the process of publishing a horror book written by a female author, please reach out to us and let us know so we can help to spotlight the book’s release! The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher When a young woman clears out her deceased grandmother’s home in rural North Carolina, she finds long-hidden secrets about a strange colony of beings in the woods in this chilling novel that reads like The Blair Witch Project meets The Andy Griffith Show. When Mouse’s…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction
    Instagram Challenge,  LOHFReadathon

    One Year Anniversary! Readathon and Challenge

    We are celebrating our one year anniversary throughout the month of September! Thank you to everyone who has joined us in our quest to spotlight all of the amazing women who are writing and contributing to the horror genre. We love what we do here, and we look forward to many more years of celebrating the ladies of horror fiction. New Team Member We are constantly expanding our efforts here at the Ladies of Horror Fiction. As we head into year two, we are so excited to announce a new member to the LOHF team. Audra Audra is going to contribute articles to the Ladies of Horror Fiction website so…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Body Horror
    Reading Recommendations

    LOHF Recommends: Body Horror

    August is body horror month here at the LOHF. The team has put together a list of recommendations of amazing body horror books. Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste Bunny by Mona Awad Something Borrowed, Something Blood Soaked by Christa Carmen Cruel Works of Nature by Gemma Amor The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes Paper Tigers by Damien Angelica Walters Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester Geek Love by Katherine Dunn Wilder Girls by Rory Power Love For Slaughter by Sara Tantlinger Ritualistic Human Sacrifice by C.V. Hunt Like Jagged Teeth By Betty…