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    7 Books You Should Save for After Dinner This Holiday Season

    Who else looks forward to holiday food all year long? 🙋 I’m a big fan of a huge holiday feast, and love cooking my favorite dishes each year, living off of leftovers for days afterward. Stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows… I guess you could eat these things year-round, but they just taste better when there’s a little bit of chill and festivity in the air! I especially love curling up after a big dinner with a spooky book, snuggled under the covers while turning the pages of the latest story to give me nightmares, my belly full of home cooked deliciousness. That said, there are a few…

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    Guest Post: Dysfunctional Families in Horror Fiction by Nico Bell

    We’re thrilled to have Nico Bell join us today to share her picks featuring dysfunctional families in horror fiction! The holiday season is around the corner, and that means families will be gathering to celebrate and reconnect. For some, this is a joyous occasion, met with anticipation and delight. For others, this is a time filled with dread, anxiety, and a whole lot of Zantax. But before you write off your family as dysfunctional, take a look at these twisted relationships, and remember—it could always be worse. Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage If you haven’t read Baby Teeth, now is the time! For fans of We Need to Talk About…