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    March Women in Horror Month Readathon Announcement

    We’re so excited to be celebrating Women in Horror Month in March this year, and each year moving forward! For the entire month, we’ll be hosting a readathon and we’d love you to join us in reading some fantastic women writing horror fiction. Below we’ve included some recommendations for the month, but don’t feel limited to just these great reads! We’d love to see and hear about what you’ll be reading for WiHM, so make sure to use the #LOHFREADATHON hashtag on social media – we’ll see them on Twitter and Instagram, and will be resharing some to our stories throughout the month. Women in Horror Month Readathon Book Recommendations…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction Celebrating Black History Month: Previous LOHF Readalong Books We've Loved by Black Authors
    Black History Month,  Reading Recommendations

    Previous #LOHFReadalong Books We’ve Loved

    February 1st marks the start of Black History Month, an annual celebration and observance of the struggles, contributions, and achievements of Black people throughout the course of US history. Although the official event ends on March 1st, it’s important to acknowledge this important history year-round. “There is no American history without African American history,” said Sara Clarke Kaplan, executive director of the Antiracist Research & Policy Center at American University in Washington, D.C. “The Black experience, she said, is embedded in “everything we think of as ‘American history.” NPR.org We on the Ladies of Horror Fiction team believe in reading, supporting, and boosting Black voices ALL YEAR LONG, with a specific focus…

  • New Years Resolutions

    2022 Resolutions: LOHF Team Edition

    We shared some great author resolutions with you all, but now it’s time for our team edition! We love working together to boost and promote diverse writers & voices, and plan to do a lot more of that in the new year – and then some! Check out what our team is aiming for in 2022. Read for myself and get past the burnout I’ve been experiencing. Emily | Twitter | Goodreads | Bookstagram  I want to read more of my backlist titles and books I HAVE PURCHASED for ME. It might mean my reviews are down to two a month for new books, but so be it. I am…

  • New Years Resolutions

    2022 Resolutions: LOHF Author Edition

    IS IT REALLY 2022 ALREADY?! It feels like we blinked, and all of 2021 disappeared right out from under us! The new year always provides a chance to reflect on how the previous one went – and for good reason! Looking back and honestly identifying what we do and don’t like about our lives and the kind of people we’ve been can be difficult, but it can also be extremely helpful in creating the sort of life that we want for ourselves. What better time to do that than right after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, when we’re finally able to relax and recenter a little? Did you…

  • LOHF Team Feature

    Current Team Favorites: Book Edition

    Today we’re bringing recommendations in the form of recent favorites from our LOHF team members & reviewers. Although our “current favs” are constantly changing as we read more and more wonderful books, we loved the idea of a small check-in every now and then to rave about some of the really awesome things we’ve been reading – we’d love to hear your recent favorites, too! We’ll have another post soon featuring our current favorite horror films directed by women, so stay tuned! Alex’s Pick: The Between by Tananarive Due Released: 1995 | Pages: 304 When Hilton was just a boy, his aged grandmother saved him from drowning by pulling him…

  • Guest Post

    Project Q&A with Sloane Leong and Cassie Hart

    We work hard at Ladies of Horror Fiction to showcase incredible writers and creators in the horror fiction genre, which doesn’t always limit us to ladies-only anthologies. We recently became aware of DEATH IN THE MOUTH, a BIPOC-led project currently seeking funding. DEATH IN THE MOUTH is a horror anthology showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world. It will feature twenty prose stories spanning from the distant past to the far future, real and fictive worlds, all while exploring new and unique manifestations of horror. Death in the Mouth Official Kickstarter Page Although unique here in that the anthology itself will include a mix of…

  • New Years Resolutions

    2021 Resolutions: LOHF Team Edition

    I reached out to some amazing #LOHF authors last month to share their 2021 resolutions with the community, and it was a blast being able to see the sorts of things that the writers I look up to are aiming for this year. In that same vein, I wanted to know what the other folks on the Ladies of Horror Fiction team had on their bookish goals list. This team is comprised of some of the hardest working folks I’ve ever known, and I’m endlessly amazed at their drive and dedication to the genre, and to boosting up women writing horror. I’m super grateful to them for welcoming me into…

  • New Years Resolutions

    2021 Resolutions: LOHF Author Edition

    2020 has been a mixed bag for us all, hasn’t it? Last New Years feels like it happened a decade ago instead of just 12 normal months. I’m sure I’m not the only one ready to say goodbye to the last year, and welcome the next one with open arms! In our excitement to prepare for the year ahead, we thought it’d be fun to ask a few authors in the horror community to contribute some of their bookish or writing related New Years Resolutions for us to share with all of you! From blogging to new books, let’s see what some of our favorite #LadiesOfHorrorFiction have planned for 2021!…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction Recommendations
    Reading Recommendations

    7 Books You Should Save for After Dinner This Holiday Season

    Who else looks forward to holiday food all year long? 🙋 I’m a big fan of a huge holiday feast, and love cooking my favorite dishes each year, living off of leftovers for days afterward. Stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with marshmallows… I guess you could eat these things year-round, but they just taste better when there’s a little bit of chill and festivity in the air! I especially love curling up after a big dinner with a spooky book, snuggled under the covers while turning the pages of the latest story to give me nightmares, my belly full of home cooked deliciousness. That said, there are a few…

  • Guest Post
    Guest Post,  Reading Recommendations

    Guest Post: Dysfunctional Families in Horror Fiction by Nico Bell

    We’re thrilled to have Nico Bell join us today to share her picks featuring dysfunctional families in horror fiction! The holiday season is around the corner, and that means families will be gathering to celebrate and reconnect. For some, this is a joyous occasion, met with anticipation and delight. For others, this is a time filled with dread, anxiety, and a whole lot of Zantax. But before you write off your family as dysfunctional, take a look at these twisted relationships, and remember—it could always be worse. Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage If you haven’t read Baby Teeth, now is the time! For fans of We Need to Talk About…