• Ladies of Horror Fiction Instagram Challenge Weekly Recap
    Instagram Challenge

    The “Haunted” Recap

    If you missed Day 1 of our #LadiesofHorrorFiction Instagram challenge recaps, be sure to check it out. We kicked off the challenge with the “Lady Stack” prompt. There are several gorgeous stacks of lady books to be seen. Day 2 of our #LadiesofHorrorFiction challenge was the “Haunted” prompt. We had a lot of fantastic entries, and the discussions among the participants of the challenge picked up! This day also served as a good reminder that we have authors in our community who no longer identify as female. The entire Ladies of Horror Fiction team is dedicated to not only promoting authors who identify as female, but also protecting anyone who…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction Instagram Challenge Weekly Recap
    Instagram Challenge

    The “Ladystack” Recap

    During the month of August, the Ladies of Horror Fiction team hosted a #ladiesofhorrorfiction challenge on Instagram. The challenge was to post a photo of a horror book(s) written by a woman author corresponding to the prompt of the day for each day of August. We don’t think any of us knew how rewarding (or hard!) this challenge was going to be! (There was also a not-inconsiderable drain on a few of our checking accounts as we discovered all these books we didn’t know existed that we simply had to have. ) Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in or share the challenge. The response and the…

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    You Didn’t Think the IG Challenge Was It, Did You?

    First we want to thank everyone who participated in the #LadiesofHorrorFiction challenge on Instagram. The participation exceeded our expectations by a huge amount, with over 1300+ posts! We saw many fantastic photos, and discovered many new ladies of horror fiction right along with you. It was a wonderful month filled with lifting up female writers who often get overlooked. Now, the challenge may be over (for now), but our goal of putting a spotlight on the underrepresented is not. Because we understand that the best way to do things properly is to take it slow and make sure that we have a solid foundation, a great team, and an organizational…

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    That Women in Horror Fiction are: Underrepresented Often Lost in the Sea of Male Authors and Often Unacknowledged for Their Brilliance . . . We’re going to change that. Stay Tuned.