Profile: Stephanie Rabig

Stephanie Rabig has loved scary stories since she was way too young to read some of them (looking at you, Pet Sematary). Now, her preferred genre to write in is “queer horror starring found families.”

She also maintains the Queer Horror Database, a resource of horror stories featuring on-page representation of queer characters.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of July 2020)

Tiffany: Despite her dead-end job, her life is going pretty well. She has a decent place to live, good friends, and she’s saving up for an engagement ring for her longtime girlfriend.Then she’s ambushed in a deserted parking lot by the unlikeliest of predators… PLAY DEAD

Vanessa: Horrified by Tiffany’s close call, she at least believes that the worst is over now. But then Tiffany starts acting strangely. And are her teeth getting sharper…?OR FIGHT BACK

Rebecca and John: The chief of police and her husband took their niece Vanessa in years ago when her father threw her out. They’re used to caring for everyone (including the strays their daughter Sophia brings home). But when the town comes under attack from ravenous furry hellbeasts, it might be all they can do to just protect themselves…NOTHING WILL SAVE YOU NOW.

This is a Creature Feature For Charity, with all proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund. Cover art by Kealan Patrick Burke.

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