Review Policy

Ladies of Horror Fiction Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in having your book reviewed by Ladies of Horror Fiction. We have a team of horror-loving reviewers here at Ladies of Horror Fiction who, as well as posting a weeky round-up review/recommendation post on this website, will also promote your work through various social media outlets including our individual blogs, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This works best with physical copies but we understand that not all writers have paper ARC’s available and we do accept eARC’s on a limited basis.

We are currently accepting horror fiction and horror adjacent fiction written by women in print and mobi format ONLY. If your work is edited and fits within the horror genre we will consider it for review. Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to review every book submitted there aren’t enough hours in the day. We will do our best to promote your work on our new release page if we cannot fit it into the reading schedule.

Please Note:

Ladies of Horror Fiction is set up to promote women writing horror, and as such, negative reviews will not appear on this site. If a book is reviewed and found to be lacking a minimum of a three-star rating, that review will be posted on the reviewer’s individual site, but not on Ladies of Horror Fiction.

Understand that all the reviewers involved with this movement are dedicated to writing honest and unbiased reviews. We will not unfairly weight our reviews to allow someone to be posted on the site. 

Providing an ARC does not guarantee a review (if the reviewer cannot finish) nor does it guarantee a positive review.

Submit here:

Please send an email query to with the title, author name, book blurb, release date, page count and the number of copies and format(s) available to our reviewers and we will get back to you with further details.

2022 Award Submissions:

If your review submission is a release from 2022, and you would also like to submit for award consideration, please click here instead for more information!

Our Team:

Your book may be read by one or more of our ten reviewers. We all have different tastes and your book may be better suited for one of us more than another. This process also helps us accept more submissions and process more reviews.

Learn more about our team members by visiting their various social media outlets:

Audra & Ouija (Instagram) | Audra

Bark’s Book Nonsense | Laurie

Book Den | Jen

BookHappy (Instagram) | Emily

Finding Montauk (Instagram) | Alex

Heather Horror Hellion | Heather

Let’s Get Galactic | Cassie

The Misadventures of a Reader | Toni

Teresa Ardrey | Teresa

Tracy_Reads79 (Instagram) | Tracy

If any of the reviewing collective choose to review a book, reviews will first be posted on our individual sites, as well as retail sites in accordance with the reviewer’s site-specific policy. After that, briefer reviews will be posted on the Ladies of Horror Fiction site from said reviewers in accordance with calendar availability. Occasionally we may choose to post full-length reviews here instead of on our individual sites, but that is expected to be the exception and not the rule.

Please note that we are a team of volunteers and ARC acceptance does not guarantee a review. We also cannot promise a review will meet any deadline.