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    What We’ve Been Reading #78

    Today our team members are sharing three recent and recommended reads. We have an eclectic mix of shapeshifters, ghosts, and tales of unquiet women (the best kind, right?!) We hope you find something you’ll love! Don’t forget to click either tag above to find more books worth your time ♥ Hairspray and Switchblades by V. Castro When Maya and Magdalena lose their parents to a home invasion, Magdalena puts her dreams on hold and turns to exotic dancing. Cash is what the sisters need to stay together and keep Maya in an elite catholic high school that has set her on the path for an athletic and academic college scholarship.…

  • Fist of the Spider Woman Amber Dawn
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    Fist of the Spider Woman edited by Amber Dawn Review

    Traditional horror has often portrayed female characters in direct relation to their sexual role according to men, such as the lascivious victim or innocent heroine; even vampy, powerful female villains, such as the classic noir “spider women,” use their sexual prowess to seduce and overwhelm married men. Fist of the Spider Woman is a revelatory anthology of horror stories by queer and transgressive women and others that disrupts reality as queer women know it, instilling both fear and arousal while turning traditional horror iconography on its head. In this collection, horror (including gothic, noir, and speculative writing) is defined as that which both titillates and terrorizes, forcing readers to confront…

  • Black Magic Women Book Cover
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    Black Magic Women Edited by Sumiko Saulson

    If you are looking to increase the diversity in your horror reading this is an amazing place to start. This anthology will introduce you to some really amazing authors. Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters Imagine horror where black characters aren’t all tropes and the first to die; imagine a world written by black sisters where black women and femmes are in the starring roles. From flesh-eating plants to flesh eating bees; zombies to vampires to vampire-eating vampire hunters; ghosts, revenants, witches and werewolves, this book has it all. Cursed drums, cursed dolls, cursed palms, ancient spirits and goddesses create a nuanced world of Afrocentric and multicultural horror.…

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    Fright into Flight Edited by Amber Fallon Review

    What would happen if girls around the world started to float away? Can angels be captured? Fright into Flight asks these questions and more. Fright Into Flight From the earliest depictions of winged goddesses to the delicate, paper-winged fairies of the Victorians, from valiant Valkyries to cliff-dwelling harpies, from record-setting pilots to fearless astronauts, women have long since claimed their place in the skies, among the clouds and beyond. Word Horde presents Fright Into Flight, the debut anthology from Amber Fallon (The Terminal, The Warblers), in which women take wing. In these stories connected by the unifying thread of flight, authors include: Damien Angelica Walters, Izzy Lee, Letitia Trent, Christine Morgan, Desiring Boskovich,…