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    What We’ve Been Reading #117

    Welcome to a new batch of review link-ups of recent reads. Go ahead and add some dark joy to your bookshelves! We hope you find your new favorite book and don’t forget to click either tag above to find more good books ♥  A Tricker-Treater Christmas by Briana Morgan Get ready to experience a monster’s high-stakes game. When one man’s wish goes horribly wrong, he must make an impossible choice. Faced with his own demons, and at the Tricker-Treater’s mercy, how far will Luke go to keep his daughter from leaving? For fans of The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories comes a fresh, festive tale of a desperate father and his struggle to…

  • Book Cover Unmemory by Kristi DeMeester
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    Unmemory by Kristi Demeester Review

    An original, 9,000-word short story by Kristi DeMeester, with 10 illustrations by Yves Tourigny. A university student attempts to track down the briefly-glimpsed Christmas film which traumatized her as a child. You can buy a copy here: http://www.yvestourigny.com/shop/demeester Toni’s Teaser Review There is so much about to love about DeMeester’s writing. It makes heart happy to read anything that she writes. This story is interesting. I feel like there is more there then just the words. I feel this with so much of her writing. Click here to see Toni’s full review on The Misadventures of a Reader Laurie’s Teaser Review There is seduction and simmering distaste and all sorts…

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    Collected Christmas Horror Shorts Vol. II Review

    Some people love Christmas for religious reasons, others prefer it for the food, drink and parties, but for some other people, it’s just another time of year to get up to mischief. This anthology is filled with tales of not-so-happy Christmases, tales that they don’t want to tell you about in the movies or songs. It’s time to break out your new Christmas slippers, rip open a box of chocolates and pour yourself a drink. Lock your doors and get comfy. You’re in for one helluva ride. Merry Christmas from all of us! Contains stories by: Amy Cross, Michael A. Arnzen, Christina Bergling, Andrew Lennon, J.C. Michael, Lisa Morton, Mike…