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    Ladies of Horror Fiction Presents Creatures

    A month ago Toni put out the call for Women Horror Authors to send their creature stories. Needless to say it was hard to pick. But pick we did. I hope that everyone enjoys Salty Air, Daisy and Run Ruby Run. Salty Air By Sonora Taylor Sonora Taylor is the author of Without Condition, The Crow’s Gift and Other Tales, Please Give, and Wither and Other Stories. Her short story, “Hearts are Just ‘Likes,’” was published in Camden Park Press’s Quoth the Raven, an anthology of stories and poems that put a contemporary twist on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Taylor’s short stories frequently appear in The Sirens Call, a bi-monthly horror eZine. Her work has…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Creatures
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    Guest Post: A Passion for Monsters By Lee Murray

    A Passion for Monsters By Lee Murray From amorphic blob to prehistoric beasts and rampaging apes, and even the humble rat, the creature feature has become a staple of horror fiction. Just a quick look at recent films provides us with a good snapshot: there was last year’s Rampage, this year’s new Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and creature stories based on reality like Crawl, and the 47 Metres Down sequel. Whether on the screen or on the page, our interest in monsters is strongly ingrained. But where did it start? Why so much interest? Into the Mist author Lee Murray asks some of her creature-feature writer friends for their insights.  First up is Australian…

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    Stories of Horror

    LOHF Presents Stories of Horror: Part 2 of Luella Miller by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

    Join Toni as she tries to figure out what exactly Luella is. Will part 2 of Lydia Anderson’s story offer any more clues? Our heroine Lydia Anderson was telling the story of Luella Miller. When we left off Luella’s husband and sister in law were dead and her aunt Mrs. Abby Mixter, was on death’s door. Lydia had sent for Aunt Abby’s daughter, Mrs. Sam Abbot, however, she is too late. And she begins to tell Luella Miller what she thinks of her. When Luella crash’s to the floor. This is where our story picks up. Thank you for joining me for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Presents. Next month…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction presents Stories of Horror
    Stories of Horror

    Stories of Horror: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Luella Miller

    Join Toni as she travels back to 1800s New England and meets Lydia Anderson who has a strange story to tell about Luella Miller. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Mary Ella Wilkins was born to Warren Edward Wilkins and Eleanor Lothrop on October 31st, 1852 in Randolph Massachusetts.  She had one sibling Anna Wilkins. Due to financial hardship the family had to move to Battleboro, Vermont in 1867 when Mary was 15. After the families move to Battleboro Warren opened a dry goods store but, by 1873 but the store failed to thrive. Due to financial hardship the Wilkins’s moved into the home of Reverend Thomas Taylor in order for Eleanor…

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    Guest Post: The Inherent Power of Words to Describe Oneself By Alice Collins

    The Inherent Power of Words to Describe Oneself By Alice Collins Words are a powerful thing. I’ve struggled with them a lot over the years. Especially with trying to find the right descriptors. There’s lots of continued learning involved, it’s a natural part of language evolving. It takes a while for a new word to catch on, and even longer to find one that is descriptive enough to describe the previously indescribable. It’s very tricky finding appropriate words. Even when you do, you may find it changing some years down the line and that’s ok! However, there are many people that I’ve run into IRL and on the internet bemoaning…

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    Guest Post: The Intimacy of Monsters by Hailey Piper

    The Intimacy of Monsters By Hailey Piper I adore cosmic horror, but it isn’t what I usually write.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve penned a couple, but I’m happier leaving that scale of world-ending dread to P.L. McMillan and Caitlin Kiernan.  I don’t connect the entropic, inevitable death of all things in a fearful way.  Cosmic horror delights me. Personal horror gets under my skin.  The little, everyday injustices and horrors that are easy to miss.  They could be happening right next door.  And through those come the intimate monsters. Personal ones. When an intimate monster creeps into your life, sometimes you aren’t even aware of what you’ve met.  They…

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    Ladies of Horror Fiction Present Stories of Horror: Now taking Submissions

    We are opening our doors for submissions for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Presents Stories of Horror. This series aims to highlight horror stories written by women. We will be taking submissions based on the theme of the month. The theme of the month will be posted in advance via Twitter and will be listed at the bottom of this page.  We will be taking the following types of fiction: -Poetry: Poetry will be read with other poems. -Flash Fiction: Stories that are under 1500 words. These stories will be narrated in one podcast episode. -Short Stories: Stories which are over 1500 words and are less than 7500 words. Typically…

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    Guest Post: Motherhood and Horror by Gemma Amor

    Motherhood and horror By Gemma Amor Let me get this out of the way in the first sentence. Ready? Okay. ‘Mommie Dearest’. There. I said it. Now that I have, that expression can sod off and climb into the bin and we can have a proper chat about Motherhood and horror without the spectre of maniacal, glamorous movie star Joan Crawford and her bloody coathangers looming above us. Let’s get something else out of the way while we’re here. I’m both a writer of horror fiction AND a Mother. Does this make me more qualified to talk about it at length? Probably not. But it has changed how I consume…

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    Stories of Horror: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Yellow Wallpaper Part 2

    In our last episode we met an unnamed woman who was suffering from what we would now know as postpartum depression. Due to her nervousness she is prescribed the rest cure by her physician. Her husband wisks her away to live for the summer in a large and isolated country house. The room they take is the old nursery at the top of the house with hideous yellow wallpaper. As part of her cure she is not to do anything that may cause her nervousness to become worse. So, the woman spends most of her time confined to her room. At some point she starts to believe that something is…

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    Guest Post: La Llorona: Of Fear, Demons and Motherhood by Violet Castro

    La Llorona: Of Fear, Demons and Motherhood V.Castro I remember lying in bed with the sheet pulled to my chin and eyes intently watching the fan propped in my open bedroom window. The terror within and the heat of the Texan summer, even at night, caused me to sweat profusely. There was still no way I would let go of that sheet, possibly the only thing that kept her away from me. I hated the sound of the fan because what if she was out there. How would I know if she was approaching? But it was too hot that evening to close the window or not have a fan…