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    I’m baaaaack to preach about the joys of horror adjacent reads again!! If you’re sitting there all, “what is she going on about with this made-up terminology?” you can check out this post that explains a bit more of what horror adjacent means (to me, at least. What does it mean to you?). Another facet of any type of fiction that I love to explore is translated books. It is especially intriguing in the horror genre because you get to see what other cultures are afraid of. I’ve long felt that one of the best ways to learn about a culture is through its fiction, but if you know what…

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    Horror Adjacent Reads x LOHF

    Okay, so if you’ve made it here, you’re probably here for the scary. The more the scarier, right? But how do you classify “horror”? Does it have to tick the boxes off a certain checklist? Or is it more that you just know it when you see it? One thing I’ve noticed about reading boatloads of horror is that it seems more fluid than other genres—in the best way possible. After all, what scares you is subjective. Spiders may terrify your mom (on screen and off!), but you only feel that creeping dread for psychological scares. Horror doesn’t have to mean blood gushing out of severed limbs or zombies crawling…