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    What We’re Reading #34

    We have some recommendations because we know you need more books! Body by Asa Nonami As indicated by the title, Bødy is a collection of horror stories, all thematically linked to people’s perception of their bodies, and the consequences of vanity and low self-esteem. In the vein of the psychological suspense of the Twilight Zone, each story ends with a shock, leaving the reader unsettled with the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for,” echoing in their bones. Appropriately, each of the five stories in Bødy gets its title from the body parts featured, buttocks, blood, face, hair and chin. Goodreads | Amazon Toni’s Teaser Review I really enjoyed…

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    What We’ve Been Reading #1

    We at Ladies of Horror Fiction want to do things a little differently than the typical horror fiction review website. Our goal is to lift our ladies up and give them as much exposure as we possibly can so that all of you lovely people will discover them, buy their books and get some beautiful word of mouth going. We have decided to (mostly) stop posting standard reviews and instead post a weekly (or bi-weekly depending on our work load) round-up of what we are reading and what we have been reviewing. We will still include links to our full reviews but this new format will allow for a more…