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    What We’ve Been Reading #16

    The Ladies of Horror Fiction have a few books to recommend! Winnie by Katy Michelle Quinn Winnie and Colt forever. Winnie is Colt’s one and only, Colt is Winnie’s true love. Winnie is Colt’s rifle. There is nothing Winnie wants more than to please Colt and since a rifle is everything the young cowboy’s ever wanted, she certainly does that. But one day Winnie finds that she is not a rifle but in fact a woman. Can Winnie keep the sparks between them ignited, even if she isn’t the gun of his dreams? What happens if she can’t? Goodreads | Amazon | Better World Books Emily’s Teaser Review I absolutely…

  • Candle and Pins by Jacqueline West
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    Candle and Pins by Jacqueline West Review

    This is the first review to appear on Ladies of Horror Fiction, so we thought we’d take a moment to remind you that things are going to be a little bit different with these. There are two things to take note of: 1. You will not see star ratings on the site. (But please remember we will not be posting reviews that we would consider less than three stars.) 2. We may sometimes post full reviews that we have reserved exclusively for the site; however,  in most cases you are going to see a format like the following, that includes links that redirect you to the reviewer’s site. Candle and…