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    What We’ve Been Reading #85

    Hi everyone! Today we are featuring a book about a creepy funhole, a beautiful collection of wintertime horrors, and a book about a woman who has a sister that has a bad habit of murdering men! We hope you find a new favorite book! Don’t forget to click either tag above to find more good books ♥ The Cipher by Kathe Koja “Black. Pure black and the sense of pulsation, especially when you look at it too closely, the sense of something not living but alive.” When a strange hole materializes in a storage room, would-be poet Nicholas and his feral lover Nakota allow their curiosity to lead them into the…

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    What We’re Reading #55

    Here are three titles that we hope become future favorites for everyone (if they aren’t already!) Food Fright by Nico Bell High school junior Cassie Adler just wanted the bullying to stop. She thought gaining a spot on the varsity soccer team would whip up instant friends, but it isn’t until the popular girls need Cassie’s help that they acknowledge her presence. Cassie reluctantly agrees to participate in a prank that turns sour fast. Now with blood on their hands, she and the popular girls race to cover their tracks. But something savage knows what they’ve done, and it’s hungry for revenge. Can Cassie redeem herself before it’s too late,…

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    What We’re Reading #21

    Here’s the newest round-up of our recently read and recommended Ladies of Horror Fiction titles! The End of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck Winner of the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the Hans Fallada Prize, The End of Days, by the acclaimed German writer Jenny Erpenbeck, consists essentially of five “books,” each leading to a different death of the same unnamed female protagonist. How could it all have gone differently?—the narrator asks in the intermezzos. The first chapter begins with the death of a baby in the early twentieth-century Hapsburg Empire. In the next chapter, the same girl grows up in Vienna after World War I, but a pact she makes with…

  • Velocities by Kathe Koja
    Cover Reveal

    Cover Reveal: Velocities by Kathe Koja

    The Ladies of Horror Fiction was recently asked if we would participate in the cover reveal for Velocities by Kathe Koja of course the answer was yes. Just look at that cover beauty. Synopsis:  Kathe Koja’s second short fiction collection, Velocities, is dark, disturbing, and heartfelt. It includes thirteen stories, including two never before published, all flying at the speed of strange. Published from Meerkat Press: April 2020 About Kathy Koja: Kathe Koja is a writer, director and independent producer. Her work combines and plays with genres, from YA to contemporary to historical to horror. Her novels–including THE CIPHER, SKIN, BUDDHA BOY, TALK, and the UNDER THE POPPY trilogy–have won awards,…

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    LOHF Shelf Edition: Alex from Hey Little Thrifter

    This month we’re talking with Alex from Hey Little Thrifter for the LOHF Shelf Edition! Alex is a reviewer, booktuber, and bookstagrammer. She is passionate about vintage books, and even has a blog and booktube review series just to talk about vintage horror by women called Nightmare Queens! Do you have any recent favorite LOHF books? Last year I read my first Kathe Koja novel, The Cipher, and it blew me away. I fell in love with her writing and it became an instant favourite! This year I followed it up with Bad Brains and that one was just as amazing, so even though I’m late to the Koja party…