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    Stories of Horror: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Luella Miller

    Join Toni as she travels back to 1800s New England and meets Lydia Anderson who has a strange story to tell about Luella Miller. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Mary Ella Wilkins was born to Warren Edward Wilkins and Eleanor Lothrop on October 31st, 1852 in Randolph Massachusetts.  She had one sibling Anna Wilkins. Due to financial hardship the family had to move to Battleboro, Vermont in 1867 when Mary was 15. After the families move to Battleboro Warren opened a dry goods store but, by 1873 but the store failed to thrive. Due to financial hardship the Wilkins’s moved into the home of Reverend Thomas Taylor in order for Eleanor…

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    Ladies of Horror Fiction Present Stories of Horror: Now taking Submissions

    We are opening our doors for submissions for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Presents Stories of Horror. This series aims to highlight horror stories written by women. We will be taking submissions based on the theme of the month. The theme of the month will be posted in advance via Twitter and will be listed at the bottom of this page.  We will be taking the following types of fiction: -Poetry: Poetry will be read with other poems. -Flash Fiction: Stories that are under 1500 words. These stories will be narrated in one podcast episode. -Short Stories: Stories which are over 1500 words and are less than 7500 words. Typically…