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    Afterage by Yvonne Navarro Review

    In the bestselling tradition of Salem’s Lot, here is an impressive debut novel by an acclaimed author of short horror fiction. A vampire eons old has spread her touch throughout the human population, leaving the streets full of the undead. The survivors band together to fight back in this riveting tale. Laurie’s Review A vampire apocalypse has occurred. Navarro starts things off after it has happened. The few remaining humans must struggle to survive in a wasteland ravaged by monsters both vampiric and human. And, as usual, the human monsters are always the worst! Only the suicidal dare venture out after dark because the vampires are fast, ravenous and deadly.…

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    The “Vampires” Recap

    If you missed last week’s “branches” prompt, be sure to check out it. We selected some gorgeous photos! Well, we suppose it was inevitable that this day would bring on a lot of Anne Rice. Yet again we tried to choose only one from her and spread the love to other vampire writers in the genre.         View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amanda Rock (@amandaeatsbooks) Amanda__reads kicks us off with The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. It’s hard to imagine a list of vampire books by female horrors authors and not have this one make an appearance! “An international bestseller and beloved cultural…