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    Without Condition by Sonora Taylor Review

    Cara Vineyard lives a quiet life in rural North Carolina. She works for an emerging brewery, drives her truck late at night, and lives with her mother on a former pumpkin farm. Her mother is proud of her and keeps a wall displaying all of Cara’s accomplishments. Cara isn’t so much proud as she is bored. She’s revitalized when she meets Jackson Price, a pharmacist in Raleigh. Every day they spend together, she falls for him a little more — which in turn makes her life more complicated. When Cara goes on her late-night drives, she often picks up men. Those men tend to die. And when Cara comes back…

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    LOHF Weekly News January Week 4

    LOHF Organization News January 8th The Ladies of Horror Fiction opened the submission process for the LOHF Awards. Here is the link for more information: https://www.ladiesofhorrorfiction.com/2019/01/08/ladies-of-horror-fiction-awards/ February is Women in Horror Month so you know that the LOHF is going to be working on a few projects for Feb. The first is the #lohfreadathon being hosted by Emily over at Book.happy and Alex over at Hey Little Thrifter. As Alex hosts a Youtube channel she has put together a video about the readathon as well as some some suggestions. If you aren’t following Alex you are totally missing out!! Make sure you give her a follow at @heylilthrifter. Make sure…

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    Episode 6 Mary Shelley and Frankenstein

    Join Toni as she talks about Mary Shelley’s life and the many themes of Frankenstein. The latest in LOHF news and Horror Community News. Mary Shelley Mary Shelley was born Mary W. Godwin in Somers Town, London on August 30th 1797. She was born to philosopher, novelist and journalist William Godwin and feminist philosopher, educator and writer Mary Wollstonecraft. Unfortunately, she lost her mother to childbed fever 10 days after she was born. Mary spent the first four years of her life with her father and nurse Louisa Jones. In 1891 Mary’s father married Mary Jane Clairmont, a local widow, who had two children of her own. Mary Godwin had…

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    Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards

    UPDATE: The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is now accepting submissions for the 2022 Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards! Categories Collection Debut Middle Grade Novel Novella Poetry (collection or anthology) Short Fiction Young Adult Eligibility Requirements Must be a work of horror. Open to all women and non-binary femmes. Work must be originally published between January 2022 and December 2022. (No reprints will be considered.) Submission Guidelines Email an .epub version of your work to lohfawards@gmail.com Include the title of the work in the body of your email Include the author’s name in the body of the your email Include the award category in the body of your email (If…

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    Stories of Horror: Part 2 of The Lady’s Maid’s Bell

    Recap of Part One of The Lady’s Maid’s Bell Our main character Alice Hartley was in the hospital for typhoid which if you didn’t know is a awful sickness. After her release due to her physical appearance she was having trouble getting work as a ladies maid. During a chance meeting she is offered a position in the country. That is when things take a weird turn. The work is easy and her mistress is accommodating but there is a dark shadow which begins to cloud her days. From seeing a woman that no one knows to footsteps outside her door poor Alice fears that she is losing her grip…

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    Podcast Episodes

    Episode 5: Santa’s Horrific Sidekicks

    You know Rudolph, Dasher and Dancer but what about St. Nicks other sidekicks? Join Toni as she talks with author Kira McKinney about some of the horrific sidekicks of St.Nick found throughout the world. St. Nick’s Other Sidekicks Krampus Who is Krampus Origins of Krampus Krampusnacht Gryla Who is Gryla Icelandic History of Gryla and her family Gryla and the Icelandic Sagas Hans Trapp Who is Hans Trapp Who was the real person behind the legend of Hans Trapp Toni Chats Horrific Horror Legends with Kira McKinney Kira McKinney is a writer of fantasy, horror, fiction, and poetry. She loves to explore the dark, the twisted, the strange; the underbelly…

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    Episode 4: Fairytales and Horror

    Fairytales are the original horror stories. Join Toni as she talks fairytales and horror with her guest J. Lincoln Fenn. The Evolution of Fairytales The fairytales that we all grew up hearing evolved from the stories that were told to children over 300 years ago. So lets take a short trip through the evolution of Fairytales The Horror in Fairytales Charles Perrault Jack Zipes (I also own a copy of The Original Folk and Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm) Were fairytales for children? The Thin Line Between Fairytales and Horror Parent’s changing the plot of Fairytales   Toni Chats Fairytales, Horror and The Nightmarchers with J. Lincoln Fenn Fenn began her horror…