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    Monthly Recap

    August 2019: Monthly Recap

    During the month of August, the Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrated body horror and Women in Translation month! Thank you so much to Gwendolyn Kiste, Christa Carmen, and Amy Vaughn for contributing some amazing body horror guest posts this month! And thank you Tracy Fahey and Gabriela Houston for submitting your body horror stories to the Ladies of Horror Fiction podcast! Be sure to check out our body horror and women in translation recommendations as well as all of our LOHF reviews. Reviews What We’ve Been Reading #14 What We’ve Been Reading #15 What We’ve Been Reading #16 What We’ve Been Reading #17 Podcast Episodes Ladies of Horror Fiction Present…

  • Ladies of Horror Fiction celebrates Women in Translation
    Women in Translation

    Women in Translation Month: Horror Edition

    August is Women in Translation month. It is a celebration of stories written by women that have been translated into English. The role of translation in a literary context is to take the story from its original language and translate it into English for publishing in the English speaking countries. That sounds amazing, right? We would be able to read all the amazing stories from around the world. Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. When you really start to look at the numbers, they are dismal. Only 3% of the books published in the United States are translated stories. Whereas, in Europe that number is 10 times higher. Now, before…