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    LOHF Presents Stories of Horror: Part 2 of Luella Miller by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

    Join Toni as she tries to figure out what exactly Luella is. Will part 2 of Lydia Anderson’s story offer any more clues? Our heroine Lydia Anderson was telling the story of Luella Miller. When we left off Luella’s husband and sister in law were dead and her aunt Mrs. Abby Mixter, was on death’s door. Lydia had sent for Aunt Abby’s daughter, Mrs. Sam Abbot, however, she is too late. And she begins to tell Luella Miller what she thinks of her. When Luella crash’s to the floor. This is where our story picks up. Thank you for joining me for the Ladies of Horror Fiction Presents. Next month…

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    Episode 8 Diversity in Horror with Alice Collins

    Join Toni as she talks to her special guest Alice Collins about the bury your gays trope and representation in the horror community. Welcome to the Ladies of Horror Fiction podcast. I’m your host Toni with The Misadventures of a Reader. One of the main purposes of the LOHF has always been to promote diversity in horror every day. June is pride month and I have a special guest today we are going to be talking about the bury your gays trope and the inclusiveness of the horror community. My special guest is Alice Collins who writes the trapped by gender column for Bloody disgusting. The LOHF recently published a…

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    Guest Post: All Vampires are Gay, or: Why I Tried and Couldn’t Write a Proper Queer Horror History Essay By J. Danielle Dorn

    All Vampires are Gay, or: Why I Tried and Couldn’t Write a Proper Queer Horror History By J. Danielle Dorn Since I couldn’t find anything anyone else had written about the history of queer women in horror, I figured the old axiom about writing it myself would hold true for nonfiction same as it does for fiction. It doesn’t. And as a non-binary gynesexual person, I should have known better. Even when writing about queer horror, cisgendered white men are the majority of visibly queer authors, which in my opinion makes it even more crucial that we as readers seek out and celebrate authors who identify as queer and female.…

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    February LOHF New Releases

    Each month the Ladies of Horror Fiction team posts all of the books we are aware of that will be releasing during that month. If you are involved in the process of publishing a horror book written by a female author, please reach out to us and let us know so we can help to spotlight the book’s release! We will update this page as we receive more news and information regarding releases throughout the month. The Bone Weaver’s Orchard by Sarah Read He’s run away home. That’s what they say every time one of Charley Winslow’s friends vanishes from The Old Cross School for Boys. It’s just a tall…

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    LOHF News

    LOHF Weekly News For January Week 3

    We have a new feature here at the LOHF.  Every Sunday the LOHF will be posting a roundup of any news that comes across our feeds that is relevant to the LOHF and the Women’s Horror Community.  If you have a news item that you would like to be featured in the round up please email ladiesofhorrorfiction@gmail.com. LOHF Organization News January 8th The Ladies of Horror Fiction opened the submission process for the LOHF Awards. Here is the link for more information: https://www.ladiesofhorrorfiction.com/2019/01/08/ladies-of-horror-fiction-awards/ February is Women in Horror Month so you know that the LOHF is going to be working on a few projects for Feb. The first if the…

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    Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards

    The Ladies of Horror Fiction team is excited to announce the first annual Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards! Categories Novel Novella Poetry Debut Collection Short Fiction Eligibility Requirements Must be a work of horror. Author must identify as female. Work must be originally published between January 2019 and December 2019. (No reprints will be considered.) Submission Guidelines Email a .mobi version of your work to ladiesofhorrorfiction@gmail.com Subject line of your email should be “LOHF Awards Submission” Include the award category in the body of your email (be sure to let us know if it is also a debut) Send a separate email for each eligible work If submitting an anthology,…

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    Podcast Episodes

    Episode 5: Santa’s Horrific Sidekicks

    You know Rudolph, Dasher and Dancer but what about St. Nicks other sidekicks? Join Toni as she talks with author Kira McKinney about some of the horrific sidekicks of St.Nick found throughout the world. St. Nick’s Other Sidekicks Krampus Who is Krampus Origins of Krampus Krampusnacht Gryla Who is Gryla Icelandic History of Gryla and her family Gryla and the Icelandic Sagas Hans Trapp Who is Hans Trapp Who was the real person behind the legend of Hans Trapp Toni Chats Horrific Horror Legends with Kira McKinney Kira McKinney is a writer of fantasy, horror, fiction, and poetry. She loves to explore the dark, the twisted, the strange; the underbelly…