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For the last 15+ years, Ali Seay (she/her) has written professionally under a pen name. Now she’s shaken off her disguise to write as herself in the genre she loves the most. Ali lives in Baltimore with her family. Her greatest desire is to own a vintage Airstream and hit the road. Ali is the author of Go Down Hard (Grindhouse Press) and To Offer Her Pleasure (Weirdpunk Books).

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After the death of his father and his mother taking off, it becomes clear to Ben that the only thing he can count on, is no one to count on.

Until he finds the book. One that calls forth a shadowy horned figure.

She comes with unexpected gifts and the comfort of a dependable presence.

She asks for very little in return, really. The more Ben offers her, the easier it gets.

Sometimes, family requires more than a little sacrifice… 

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