Profile: Miranda Renae

Miranda Renae spent much of her childhood avoiding reading. Letters were nothing more than a jumbled mess. One day her dad gave her the novel he had just finished reading. It was full of suspense and horror like she’d only seen in movies—only so much better. From that day on, she devoured the written word. No genre was safe.

When Miranda isn’t reading or writing, you can find her taking care of a pack of foster kittens or cuddling her two cats Hettie and Courage, the cowardly cat.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of October 2020)

Kaleb “Rabbit” White hates everything about his life, especially his job at Red Queen Inc. He had plans to quit until a company experiment went wrong, killing an entire room full of people…

Except for one:


It’s been four years since Alice survived the virus responsible for her mother’s death. She’s managing to keep the side effects of WonderLand under control and is doing her best to put the trauma of her past behind her. Then, she receives a notecard with one word on it:


Alice needs answers. Kaleb wants to protect her. Trapped inside Red Queen Inc., they must work together to find a way out. But first Alice needs to find the cure.

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