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Suckers, a vampire novel, was first published in 1993; followed by Stiff Lips and The Ex (ghost stories); The Coming Thing (described as “Rosemary’s Baby on steroids”); The Half Man (M.R. James meets Agatha Christie); and Blood Pearl (a Young Adult vampire story).

Billson is also a film critic and screenwriter, and has had several volumes of non-fiction published, including monographs on John Carpenter’s The Thing, and Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In.



  • Granta’s selection of Best Young British Novelists, 1993
  • Suckers—shortlisted for Bram Stoker Award, 1993

Most Recently Published Work (as of November 2020)

“The Half Man is an eldritch place!”

What is the secret of The Half Man, a creepy old inn on the windswept coast of Norfolk? Vic, a low-ranking foot soldier from London’s gangland, has orders to find out what it is and bring it back to his boss… or else. But easier said than done, for no sooner has Vic checked in than one of his fellow guests is decapitated right in front of him.

Everyone knows whodunit, but why? No-one staying at The Half Man is what they appear to be, and soon Vic will find himself fighting for his life in an imbroglio of hot dames, nosy cops, old magic, ancient rituals and quicksand. Lots of quicksand.

The Half Man is a fast-paced supernatural thriller with echoes of Get Carter, the mysteries of Agatha Christie and the ghost stories of M.R. James.

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