Profile: Astrid Addams


Astrid Addams is a self published author, horror fan and reader who lives in the UK in Leeds. THE HAUNTING OF HOPE HOUSE is her first novel. SECTIONED, an upcoming  novella schedule for release on November 9, 2018, is available to pre-order at Amazon. She is currently hard at work on future projects.

Most Recently Published Book (as of March 2019)


Sectioned follows Chloe’s blood drenched journey. A journey through the world of unemployment, new relationships and dark graveyards where something foul lurkes behind the tomb stones. Waiting for the right moment to pounce. Brutal murders follow Chloe as she trys to start a new life in a strange city, finding love and rebuilding her rocky relationship with her sister. 

It is a journey that leads Chloe to a hellish mental health unit. But is it the end of Chloe’s journey or just the beginning. Is she really as mad as they say? Who will be torn into sections next? 

If you like Matt Shaw, dark stories with plenty of gore, violence and extreme horror elements you’ll love Sectioned.

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Other Work:

The Haunting of Hope House

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