Profile: Becky Wright

Becky Wright is the author of DAUGHTERS OF THE OAK, which is the extended edition of her novel THE MANNINGTREE ACCOUNT. She is an independent author, who lives in the Suffolk countryside with her husband and young son. She also has four grown-up children, as well as grandchildren. She has had a lifelong fascination for the supernatural and macabre.


Most Recently Published Book (as of March 2019)


The extended edition of The Manningtree Account.
“A supernatural thriller, weaving witches, and ghosts, together, in one spine-tingling tale.”

1646 – The English Civil War. The Royalists of King Charles I, and Cromwell’s Parliamentarians, battle, both eager to lay claim to a tattered country, where life has become cheap and death trivial.

Though, for the lowly commoner, a greater, far more devious, war rages. It threatens the souls of the weak, timid and needy. Seeking refuge in the Lord’s word, God fearing folk employ the skills of one man, the Witchfinder. His success speaks of his talent, to seek out, punish and rid the countryside of Witches, the Devil’s Whores.

2016 – A paranormal team are called to investigate, as poltergeist activity brings terror to one family. Under the cover of darkness, in silent suburbia, an endless night of battle against evil ensues, until finally, a new day dawns.

Lies, secrets, and treachery, it seems, are never forgotten.
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The Manningtree Account

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