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C. M. Rosens (she/her) is an author and fairy godmother of two who frequently travels between England and Wales, and is fortunate enough to have friends and family all over the world. She writes modern Gothic fiction, body horror and eldritch family drama, but has an academic alter-ego under which she teaches and publishes articles, book chapters and monographs. Her debut novel The Crows is now available in paperback and ebook format. Her nonfiction ‘popular history’ book, Murder During the Hundred Years’ War: The Case of William de Cantilupe, is published with Pen & Sword Books (Autumn 2020).


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Lovecraftian horror meets kitchen sink drama in this dry, darkly funny tale of toxic families, killers and cannibals, eldritch body horror and antihero female rage.


Katy Porter is the thirteenth child of a thirteenth child in an inbred family of eldritch horrors, and her own eventual metamorphosis will change her into a creature that hungers for her family’s flesh. To some, she’s a threat – to others, a weapon.

Katy needs allies to help her control her Changes, but she’s stuck with her oldest brother, a drug-addled playboy who voted to have her killed but is chaotic enough to have genuinely changed his mind, and her eyeball-eating, god-like cousin, whose idea of protecting her involves abduction, dark rituals, and encouraging her homicidal side.

If anyone is going to survive Katy’s transformation, scores need to be settled and fears need to be faced – and Katy is not the only one who needs to face them.

THIRTEENTH is an eldritch family drama with a Lovecraftian twist on HANNIBAL RISING meets FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, set it in East Sussex. Content Warnings for drug use, self harm, suicide ideation, incest, violence, gore, body horror, and strong language. Adult Horror. Full list of CWs can be found on its product page at

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