Profile: C.M. Rosens

C. M. Rosens is an author and fairy godmother of two who frequently travels between England and Wales, and is fortunate enough to have friends and family all over the world. She writes modern Gothic fiction, body horror and eldritch family drama, but has an academic alter-ego under which she teaches and publishes articles, book chapters and monographs. Her debut novel The Crows is now available in paperback and ebook format. Her nonfiction ‘popular history’ book, Murder During the Hundred Years’ War: The Case of William de Cantilupe, is published with Pen & Sword Books (Autumn 2020).


Most Recently Published Work (as of October 2020)

When broken-hearted Carrie Rickard falls in love with a ruined house, her life changes forever – especially since this house loves her back. Fairwood House, known locally as The Crows, is no ordinary ruin. As Carrie pours herself into its restoration, she learns that it comes with a curse and an unsolved sixty-year-old child murder… and a mind of its own.

As she digs into the secrets of The Crows, Carrie is dragged into a world of witchcraft, blood magic and the supernatural, aided by her eldritch soothsayer neighbour, Ricky Porter, who’s as obsessed with the house as she is.

Ricky, desperate to become the master of Fairwood and of the arcane artifact it guards, sees Carrie’s future is set in stone – and so is her death-date. But is his offer of help sincere, or is he the reason she’s doomed?

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