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Catherine McCarthy spins dark yarns that deliver a sting in the tail.
She is the author of the collections Door and Other Twisted Tales and Mists and Megaliths. Her latest release, Immortelle, is a Gothic tale of grief and revenge set on the West Wales coast.

Her short stories and flash fiction have been published in various places online and in anthologies including those by The B.F.S., Flame Tree Press, Kandisha Press, and Curiosities.

In 2020 she won the Aberystwyth University Prize for creative writing for her magical realism story, “The Queen’s Attendant.”
When she is not writing, she may be found walking the Welsh coast path or huddled among ancient gravestones reading Machen or Poe.

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When Elinor’s daughter, Rowena, is found poisoned and dead in an animal trough, Elinor is sure the local parish priest is to blame.

A ceramic artist by trade and influenced by her late grandmother’s interest in supernatural magic, Elinor crafts an immortelle for Rowena’s grave and attempts to capture the girl’s spirit in the clay model of a starling. Soon she is inundated with requests for immortelles and the more immersed in the craft she becomes, the greater her powers grow.

As the dead share their secrets with grieving Elinor, she learns the sordid truth of what happened to her beloved daughter and plots a revenge so hideous, it must be kept a secret forever.

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