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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is the author of BEASTNIGHTS, the vampire driven SAINT-GERMAIN series that begins with HÔTEL TRANSYLVANIA and has an additional twenty-six installments, and numerous other novels that range from fantasy to crime. She began her life of writing as a playwright for a children’s theater company, and now has over eighty books in her bibliography.


Awards – Wins and Nominations

Literary Knighthood, 1997 (Transylvanian Society of Dracula)

Grand Master Award, 2003 (World Horror Association)

Living Legends, 2006 (International Horror Guild)

Life Achievement Award, 2009 (Horror Writers Association)

Most Recently Published Book (as of March 2019)


Spring 1924. The world has clawed its way back from the ravages of WWI and the Spanish Flu pandemic. The 20’s are beginning to roar. Poppy Thornton lives with her Aunt Jo and her excitable cat Maestro in upper-crust Philadelphia. Poppy is determined to make a name for herself as a serious crime reporter, but is stuck reporting on garden parties and ladies’ fashion. Then one day her editor assigns her to collect background information on the suicide of a prominent businessman. She soon discovers it was actually a murder but her surprising source for this information is the ghost of a man killed alongside her father during the Great War. Even if she dared tell anyone, who would believe it? Together Poppy and her “gentleman haunt” follow the trail of a string of murders. But as their investigation narrows in on an all-too-familiar suspect, Poppy becomes a target herself and wonders if her ghost of a partner will appear in time to keep her from joining him in the after-life.”

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Hôtel Transylvania

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