Profile: Christy Aldridge

Christy Aldridge writes horror. When she’s not writing, she’s procrastinating from writing by playing with any cat within arms distance. She’s heavily influenced by her semi psychotic family. She dwells in a small town in the sticks of Alabama with her family of fur babies.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of May 2020)

Kill, My Darlings is a collection of short stories exploring many possible outlets and styles from horror and diving into a varying amounts of subjects, from monsters and demons to cannibalism and psychological terrors. From erotica to flash fiction, Aldridge explores multiple sub-genres and subjects within the 13 stories published in this collection.

From a twisted, female serial killer with “The Mistress” . . . To a demonic playground for the lustful in “Insatiable” . . . Follow Aldridge as she takes you through clowns, boogeymen, talking radios, and infomercials in this collection of horror.

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Other Work:

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