Profile: Clare Castleberry

Clare Castleberry’s horror and erotic fiction has appeared in various zines and anthologies since 2006. She has worked as a writer and librarian all over the world, including places like the Republic of Georgia, Thailand, California and New Orleans, Louisiana. Find her on Instagram @femmebionic007 and Twitter @femmebionic.

On her sixteenth birthday, Marianne’s world gets turned upside down. After her parents die suddenly in an accident, she and her brother, Marcus, must fend for themselves as they adjust to a new life with a dysfunctional extended family. Marianne begins to unravel one dark secret after another, revealing a sinister past and awakening the spirits who inhabit Azalea House, the Southern Louisiana estate owned by her family for generations. Among those spirits are her dead twin brothers, who drowned under mysterious circumstances before Marianne was born. A gardener at Azalea House was blamed for the murder and incarcerated, giving rise to family tensions upon his release. But as Marianne listens to the buried whispers of the past, she discovers the truth is much worse than she suspected–and much closer to home.

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