Profile: Coda X. Napeland

Coda X. Napeland has been creating horror (in her head) since before she could speak. She started writing it down after her older brother started feeding her horror movies while he babysat. She collects dead things, resets her year at Halloween, and is raising two young witches to fight the patriarchy.

Most Recently Published Work (as of February 2021)

Sugar and spice and everything nice might be what little girls are made of, but these ghouls were concocted with more gruesome ingredients.

Motherhood gets garish for a woman in a foreign land. Teenage girls learn the price you pay for popularity. A friend gets a shock in the woods. First love turns ugly. A woman’s unusual job gets her in over her head. A mother fights back for her child. The script is flipped, and boys are the only ones afraid outside at night. Dreams and reality merge. Revenge is taken for someone dear and lost. The requisite vampire tale. Trucker meets waitress. An unlikely antiheroine. The plight of an abused child. A girl has a dark gift. Halloween secrets. And more…

Ready to cringe? These ghouls are waiting to spook you, gross you out, and make you look twice at every woman and girl you meet.

In 31 short tales of horror, the fairer sex gets beastly.

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