Profile: Crisyah

Crisyah (she/her) is a Portuguese, queer, neurodiverse writer who left traditional publishing behind in order to be able to write about characters like herself with no limitations.

Raised on a steady and varied diet of horror movies and epic fantasy, JRPGs and anime, her first big project was a horror mahou shoujo starring her middle school classmates as the heroines. It’s no wonder her current series, At the End of the World, is a gothic fantasy Soulsborne and Madoka Magica mash-up.

You can find her on Twitter @crisyahwrites, yelling about videogames, BTS and her giant, fluffy cats.

In the disastrous aftermath of trying to achieve Godhood, human survivors shelter themselves in a walled city. Monsters of terrifying imagination roam the outside. Warrior mages known as Scions fight these beasts and can travel between Heaven and Hell. The Scions, kept locked in abbeys the rest of their time, are planning a rebellion to reclaim their freedom and achieve an impossible destiny.

Read it online here.

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