Profile: D.M. Guay

D.M. Guay writes about the intersection of real life with the supernatural.

She’s an award-winning journalist, a hobby urban farmer, a painter, and a retired roller derby player.

Her favorite things—besides books—are tiki bars, liquid eyeliner, the 1968 Camaro, 24-hour horror movie festivals, art by Picasso, rock concerts, and most of all, people who make art, despite adversity, no matter what life throws at them.

Half the profits from her annual book sales go to research for kidney cancer treatments and cures. She has stage 4 kidney cancer and, at the time of book release, is still alive and kicking eighteen months after her oncologist said she would be dead.

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  • Guardians of Salt Creek series: Romance Writers of America Joyce Henderson award for YA Romance, 2016
  • Guardians of Salt Creek series: 3rd place, Romance Writers of America Emily Contest, 2017

Most Recently Published Work (as of December 2019)

The Graveyard Shift by D.M. Guay book cover

A frightfully funny novel for fans of Tom Holt and Christopher Moore.

Lloyd Wallace is the most clueless crossing guard the intersection of hell and earth has ever seen. So clueless, that he doesn’t even realize the beer cave in the corner store where he works is the gateway to hell.

The gate needs a hero, but Lloyd’s a zero, a loser with a capital L. He’s ten thousand dollars in debt and lives with his parents. He’s been fired from every job he’s ever had. He was the first thing his ex-girlfriend tossed to the curb when she upgraded her life.

He had no money and no prospects until the night he accidentally slayed a one-eyed tentacle monster hellbent on world domination. And, impressed by his pure heart and bravery, the suave but devilish owner of the 24/7 Dairy Mart gave Lloyd a job.

His coworkers—a karate-chopping bombshell and a talking roach with a really bad attitude—need Lloyd’s help to keep the demons in line. Can he man up and become a world-saving hero? Or, will he remain a couch-surfing zero? The fate of the world is on the line. What could go wrong?

24/7 Demon Mart is a new horror-comedy / humorous fantasy series for fans of
A. Lee Martinez
David Wong
Tom Holt
Christopher Moore
Mark Cain
Heide Goody

If you love Exorcist-level demon vomit, brooding Lovecraftian hell monsters, and plenty of laughs, this novel is for you. The Graveyard Shift is the first book in the 24/7 Demon Mart horror-comedy and dark satire fantasy series.

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