Profile: Elizabeth Guizzetti

Elizabeth Guizzetti is an author and illustrator best known for her demon-poodle based comic, Out for Souls & Cookies. She also writes a series of novels and a podcast set in the Paper Flower Consortium, the largest vampire coven in Seattle.

She has also created The Legend of Walnut Razorfang, Faminelands, Lure and collaborated with authors on several projects including A is for Apex and The Prince of Artemis V. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Wee Folk and The Wise, Beyond the Hedge, and 99 Tiny Terrors.

Guizzetti lives in Seattle with her husband and dog. When not writing or illustrating, she loves hiking and birdwatching.

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Featured Work

My name is Norma Mae Rollins. I’m fourteen and an illegal vampire. I miss my mom, but new ghoulish appetites force me to remain with my creator. Bill didn’t mean to transform me. At least, that’s what he claims. His frightening temper, relentless lies, and morbid scientific experiments makes it hard to know what to believe. However, someone snitched about Bill’s experiments to a nearby Coven. Now both of our corpses will burn. Bill won’t run. He is curious what happens to a vampire after final death. I don’t want to die again. It hurt so much the first time. Bill thinks his vampire boyfriend might shelter me. I must brave an eternal existence with elder vampires and other monsters who don’t think I ought to exist. Oh and figure out who I am allowed to eat. A vampire’s reality is nothing like the movies.

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