Profile: Eva Roslin

Eva Roslin writes dark fantasy and horror fiction. She is a recipient of the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship, awarded by the Horror Writers’ Association. She is a Supporting HWA member. Her work has appeared in such publications as Love Bites (Mischief Publishing), Dark Heroes (Pill Hill Press), Murky Depths, Ghostlight Magazine and others. She previously reviewed and wrote articles for Cemetery Dance and Hellnotes.

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship awarded by the Horror Writers’ Association (2017 recipient);
Ladies Of Horror Fiction Writers Grant Recipient (2021)

Featured Work

Reality twisting visions of ocean-drowned lovers, castles carved of coral, a desperate mother fleeing the terrors of a blizzard, and night drives with the heir to the Dark Realms in the back seat.

Love Bites, the first anthology by Mischief Publishing, is a feast of ghastly morsels dedicated to relationships at their most twisted. Edited and curated by L.Pine and R.Al-NajjarLove Bites showcases strange and twisted love stories from the minds of:

Paul Wilson
Stanley B. Webb
Jeremy Megargee
Eva Roslin
Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
Hayden Waller
John Stadelman
Douglas Ford
Nicola Kapron
JF Garrard
Cormack Baldwin

There are no happy endings here – or maybe there are, depending on what your definition of “happy” turns out to be.

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