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Farah Rose Smith is an independent scholar, writer, and editor with specializations in Decadence, Symbolism, Surrealism, Gothic Fiction, Weird Fiction, and the Russian 20th century. Her fiction has been published in various places including Vastarien Literary Journal, Spectral Realms, and Nightscript. Her short fiction collection Of One Pure Will was released by Egaeus Press in June 2019 and will be re-released with 5 new stories from Trepidatio Publishing in September 2021. Her novella Anonyma made the preliminary ballot list for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for the 2019 Bram Stoker Awards. Farah currently works as a book reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly while studying full-time. She resides in New York City with her husband and three cats.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of February 2021)

The history of art is littered with Great Men and the Muses they use as stepping stones to brilliance. In this shockingly lyrical, endlessly rich and luxurious nightmare of a novel, the Muse turns. Yet, it is not so much a tale of vengeance or comeuppance as it is a heroine’s journey, as Anonyma survives doomscapes almost beyond imagination and the transgressions of mere men, mere artists, survives the horrors imposed upon the feminine to rediscover her own magic and power. Anonyma, novel and narrator, holds up a dark mirror to our paradigm of art as a kind of device for reducing women to Platonic ideals while staging theophanies for men. But she also holds the mirror to herself, her sisters, even, daring to hope, a daughter. Anonyma is a novel full of blood and love and despair and courage.

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