Profile: J. Askew

J. Askew enjoys exploring mental health issues, masculinity and femininity, and disability through sci-fi and horror. She has published several stories through the online literary magazine Awakened Voices. Her debut novel, which explores mental health and neurodiverse people at the end of the world, is currently in editing. She is enjoying the world of short stories in the meantime. She is a member of the LGBTQ community and identifies as bisexual.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of May 2020)

Easter: a time of celebration and rebirth. This year, something’s coming—and it’s not the Easter bunny. This collection brings together over 60 bite-sized Easter and St Patrick’s Day themed horror stories from around the world. Eat, drink, be merry… and die.

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Other Works:

Scary Snippets: Halloween Edition Goodreads | Amazon

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