Profile: Jamie Zaccaria

Jamie Zaccaria is a wildlife biologist by trade and writer by pleasure. She currently works for a wild cat conservation organization and writes fiction (and non-fiction) in her spare time. Jamie grew up in New Jersey and went to school in Delaware and New York. She currently lives in New Jersey with her girlfriend and menagerie of pets.


Most Recently Published Work (as of October 2020)

The twisted truth to the beginning of Hookman.

A boy linked to Hookman through an unlikely kinship.

Killers with puppets and blenders as tools dealing in death.

And plenty of legends that give Hookman a run for his money.

You know the Hookman legend, but not like this.

Fourteen authors share new tellings of the legend and bring their own twisted tales to life.

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Other Works:

  • “Cat Scratch Fever” published in Triangle Writers Magazine, May 2020 Goodreads | Amazon
  • “Comatose Beauty” published in The Gray Sisters, June 2020
  • “Orca” published in Literary Veganism, August 2020
  • “Personal Demons” to be published in The Siren’s Call E-Zine (October 2020) and Ankh Quarterly (October 2020)
  • “The Witch of the Woods” to be published in Untitled Anthology (Scare Street)
  • “Salt” to be published in Whigmaleeries & Wives’ Tales (JayHenge Publishing)
  • “Cat Scratch Fever” to be published in Dark Emporium (Thirteen O’Clock Press)

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