Profile: Jenny Leidecker

I feel like I’ve been a writer my entire life. I remember as a kid making up stories and putting them down on paper and reading them to my parents (I was also a performer), waiting to watch their reaction to the journey I’d placed before them. They were always supportive, making sure they told me how great the story was, but also pointing out specific parts they loved or thought I could improve on as well. They helped to foster my love of storytelling.

As I grew older, I fell out of writing and didn’t do so unless forced by the reward of a grade. After a while, I forgot I knew how altogether. That changed here recently, and the worlds that had been living in my head rent free, finally found a new home on the pages of the stories I tell for them. I hope you enjoy every word, even if I only write them for me.


Featured Work

It’s the first memory that slams itself to the forefront of my mind when I’m asked about my childhood. In all honesty, it’s the first thing about my life I remember at all, and it’s not pretty. There’s no escaping our lives, only discovering all the ways to find a life of your own among the ghosts that haunt you.

A girl’s journey as she grows up in a world filled with death and darkness at every turn. Navigating life teetering on the edge of the veil between life and death. As those who need to be heard seek her out for release from the pain and regret they still carry with them, while she searches for her own place among it all.

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