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Jessie Rose (they/them) is a music and travel enthusiast who loves to write and read horror and dark psychological thrillers. Jessie’s debut novel, Atomic Love, was released in 2019.

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Los Angeles, 1986. Twenty-year-old, Jenny Stone, is a blossoming, art student with dreams of owning a gallery. A hyper, goth street artist, Kaley Dean, with blue dreads, a not-so-lucky rabbit’s foot and a purse full of drugs, drags Jenny out of a university art fair into the intoxicating L.A. underground. Designing props for a music video, Jenny crosses paths with a charismatic rock star, Evan Reed. She brushes off his advances – she knows a player when she meets one.

A horrific act of violence in her inner circle shatters Jenny. Craving a connection to her past, she falls for Evan Reed when he reinserts himself into her life. Narcissistic love bombing and manipulation keep her in his orbit. Every time she is ready to walk away, he conceives a massive gesture to make her stay.

Evan Reed is the lead singer for rock n’ roll’s loudest, angriest band. Not a Sunset glam rocker, He embodies the dark side of “The Strip.” Handsome, charming, dangerous and enthralled with the young artist. He wants Jenny’s paintings – then, he wants her. Deep down, Evan is still a little boy who desperately wants love and a family. Jenny will give him what he wants – or else. His demons and need for control threaten every aspect of their life together.

There were warnings, one red light after another. Yet, Jenny is pulled into money, fame, excess and narcissistic love bombing. Will she survive or succumb to the violence that surrounds her?

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