Profile: Jill Girardi

Jill Girardi is a former music producer and record shop owner who lived in Malaysia for many years. It was there that she lost her heart on the streets of Georgetown, and developed a passion for Malay ghosts and folklore. Her first book, Hantu Macabre, was published by Fixi Novo in 2018. It made it to number three on the best seller lists and was shortlisted for the 2019 Popular/The Star Readers’ Choice Awards. She is a member of the Horror Writers’ Association and now lives in New York where she is an editor for the new publishing house, Kandisha Press.

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  • Hantu Macabre: finalist in the 2019 Popular/The Star Readers’ Choice Awards

Most Recently Published Work (as of December 2019)

Beloved Malaysian actress Annabelle Shek is found dead, her body decapitated and dismembered. Annabelle is the first of many such victims. Every three months, another woman is found murdered in the same way, and it becomes apparent that these killings are part of a sacrificial ritual. Enter Suzanna Sim—a hard-boiled, tattooed, punk rocker forced to grow up on the streets of George Town, Penang, when she was orphaned at a young age. She’s the owner of a private investigation firm that specializes in black magic and occult crimes. She solves these cases with the help of her supernatural partner: a toyol named Tokek, who works with Suzanna under the promise that she’ll help him find his long-lost birth mother. When a billionaire hotel magnate hires Suzanna to find Annabelle Shek’s killer, she discovers that the rituals are being conducted by a former disco singer turned witchdoctor who was supposedly hanged for her crimes in the late ’70s but is somehow still alive today.

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