Profile: Jude Reid

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Jude writes horror and sci-fi to unwind in the gaps between full time work, chasing after her kids and trying to wear out a border collie. She is an avid Zombies! Run fan, a keen student of ITF Tae Kwon Do and drinks a powerful load of coffee.


Most Recently Published Work (as of September 2019)

American Cult Book Cover

The eldritch secret behind the USA’s clandestine operations, the predatory nature of certain world leaders, cults rising to support their country in the most violent ways they can imagine, tradgedy brought on by children’s crafts and murderers close to the powers that be.Is there something terrifying hiding behind the facade of American history and politics? Can the powers that be control the powers that could be? We all have questions we would like to ask our leaders, and sometimes, just sometimes, there are questions we are too afraid to ask. But all of us here in the United States belong, to the American Cult.

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