Profile: K.P. Kulski

Born in Hawaii to a Korean immigrant and a sailor from Massachusetts, K.P. was fated for identity crises. While growing up in the shadow of the U.S. Navy, she spent most of her formative years moving frequently along the East and West Coasts.

K.P. went on to serve in two branches of the military — Navy and Air Force before melting into civilian life. She holds master’s degrees in Ancient and Classical History and Writing Popular Fiction. She now resides in Northeast Ohio, where she pines for the ocean. Luckily, she loves everything autumn and snowy.

Her hobbies include eating kimchi chigae and smashing the patriarchy.​.​

K.P. Kulski is a member of the HWA.

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Featured Work

Fairest Flesh

In 16th century Hungary, Countess Erszébet Báthory commits acts of legendary bloodshed, but she is not working alone, and the reality is worse than anyone dare imagine. Part fairytale, part historical novel, and steeped in an atmosphere of horrific dread, Fairest Flesh is the debut novel from author K.P. Kulski. Lady Báthory by way of Brothers Grimm, a notorious monster is given startling new agency in this stunning novel of brutal power and tragic witchcraft.

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Other Work

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