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Kenya Moss-Dyme began writing short-form horror in her teens and won several scholastic writing awards for her creative work. Prey for Me—the hard-hitting story of a monstrous child-abusing preacher—was her first published work in early 2014, followed by the Amazon best-selling dark romance, A Good Wife. She has since firmly established her place in the horror genre with the Halloween 2014 release of Daymares, as well as appearances in anthologies and publications.

“The only genres in which I don’t feel comfortable writing are comedy and romance. Whenever I try to write a romantic story, it ends up turning dark and the couple will go from taking marriage vows to going on a crime spree! So I tend to stay away from those genres altogether.”

What are her fans most excited about? The upcoming release of Dead-Zoned, a novel about a Detroit-based zombie apocalypse with a conspiratorial slant; and, Sick: xoxo, a collection of love-themed horror sure to be a Valentine favorite!

“I love zombies and the supernatural! But there’s nothing scarier to me than HUMANS and the unimaginable depths of depravity of which we are capable. You see it in the news every day and you ask yourself, ‘what kind of monster…?’ That’s what I love to explore in my writing, characters that are like the people you think you know—but you really don’t know after all. I create them—and then I like to set them free—does that sound a little strange?”

Kenya works as an eLearning Developer in her day job, designing web-based training courses for various industries. She also holds undergrad and graduate degrees in Business, Web Development, Marketing and Instructional Design.

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Featured Work

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Daymares is a 230 page collection of seven disturbing little tales of terror by Kenya Moss-Dyme:

In Baby Mine, a woman faces the ultimate ‘morning-after’ following a lust-filled night with a brutish former lover;

A landlord rules his apartment building with sharp precision in 1st of the Month;

Junebug/The Flat Earth tells the story of a little boy who refuses to lie down and play nice with his tormented stepmother;

Ride takes you on a 911 call when a cop with a secret meets his karma in the cornfields;

A grieving widower mourns the loss of his selfish and controlling better half in Her Things;

An innocent game of Tag takes a frightening turn when the little ones hang out at the Playground; and,

A Colder Kind of Hell brings us the story of a crafty defense lawyer who is so good at his job that all hell breaks loose. 

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