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Ksenia Murray hails from Oklahoma but moves around constantly. You can find Ksenia tucked away from the madness of the world with her husband, Chris, and her two pets Cricket and Citrus.

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Trish Boreanaz lost everything when her grandpa died – her girlfriend, job, and mental health. After the funeral, she goes on a soul-searching hiking expedition by herself in remembrance of her grandfather. While on the trip, Trish suffers an accident that barely leaves her alive. She finds shelter in a cave deep in the woods. What Trish experiences in The Cave will haunt her forever. Trish is on a mission to prove to the world that she isn’t just the crazy lunatic that her parents believe she is, but that what she went through is real. She will stop at nothing to fix her life and save her soul.

Will Trish be able to prove to her parents that just because she has schizophrenia doesn’t mean that she is making everything up? Will Trish be able to protect everyone around her from herself? This novel will delve into the world of mental health, the connotations that come with it, and one woman’s fight to live.

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