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L. Marie Wood has been a psychological horror/supernatural suspense/always-in-your-head author for over 30 years—no, really, she has. . . . She started really young. She is the author of 6 novels, 150 short stories, 7 feature-length screenplays, and several short screenplays. She has had some pretty neat things happen over the years. For example, she has been published in print and online—in newspapers, anthologies, chapbooks, magazines, and comic books (yeah, that was cool). 

She has participated in and served as an officer in organizations dedicated to fostering the craft of story creation, most recently as the Director of Curricula and Outreach for Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction; served as the programming the horror track at MultiverseCon; and been a reviewer for Weird Tales. Over the years, she has also edited five anthologies, ran poetry contests, spoke on panels about horror, and taught horror and creative writing at post-secondary institutions.

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  • Two-time winner of Best Horror Screenplay at the Nova International Film Festival
  • Best Afrofuturism/Horror/Sci-Fi Screenplay at Urban Media Makers Film Festival
  • Best Short Screenplay Indo-Global International Film Festival
  • Winner of the Golden Stake Award for Literature for The Promise Keeper
  • Twice longlisted for the Bram Stoker award
  • “The Ever After” was part of the Bram Stoker Finalist anthology Sycorax’s Daughters
  • Recognized in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Vol. 15 (2004)
  • Recognized in 100+ Black Women in Horror Fiction (2018)

Featured Work

A young girl, on the cusp of sexual maturity, in what is now known as Benin, West Africa, is seduced by a beautiful stranger, a man the likes of which she has never seen before. Their encounter changes her forever. She becomes an asiman, a vampire: one of the undead. The Promise Keeper comes to her, willing her to do his bidding—to keep an unspoken promise. He probes her mind and plants suggestions so she will follow his plan, until she fights back. She runs, her travels taking her to Europe and the Caribbean over centuries to escape him. She finally settles in New York City, convinced that she has eluded him… until she falls in love. The Promise Keeper is a story of love, despair, murder, and deceit.

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Other Work

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