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Laura Lollie is the pseudo name for two Tennessee grandmothers who became friends with what seemed to be parallel lives and many common interests, including writing and a love for psychological thrillers. Laura shared a book idea that she had been pondering over for years and after sharing the never before heard of details, it was on.

Our first of a four part series, Personas, has now been published on Amazon. This fiction novel is a thrill ride of terror that is chocked full of true events of well known serial killers as well as our very own character, Ian Trahan, who is sure to become as popular as Hannibal himself. Ian’s character was formed from many of our very own terrifying experiences in life so it’s not hard to understand how we were able to create such a true to life monster that is able to fit into society with ease. This fast paced, twisted story is not for the faint of heart. The subject matter is true to life, dark and will keep you hooked as you unfold how the childhood experiences shape both killer and FBI agent who desperately wants to stop the grisly murders. These first time authors will surprise you with their skills of plots and twists.


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Ian Trahan is a science prodigy with a genius streak like no other. Growing up in New Orleans under the strict guidance of a deacon with a dark side, it leaves no question as to why he chose the life of crime. His understanding and use of DNA, computer hacking and looking like the guy next door, or whomever he chooses to be, compiles a terrifying character that you will never forget!

Magda Volkov, a native Russian, works for the BAU Division of the FBI. Her clairvoyance is something that her director has learned to trust and use to their advantage, especially with a seeming “Ghost Killer” at hand. The deeper she gets into his psyche, the more they are both surprised when their strange vivid dreams begin to intertwine. BE CAREFUL THAT THEIR NIGHTMARES DON’T BECOME YOUR OWN!

Delve into the surprise twists and turns of this non-stop rollercoaster ride. Comedy relief provides you with a brief release of the terrorizing heart palpitations!! This story is not for the faint of heart!

Personas is the first in a new thrilling series to come. Log in to to subscribe for updates on the new releases of the books to follow. You aren’t going to want to miss what happens next!

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