Profile: Linda Zimmermann


Linda Zimmermann is the author of over 30 books, including zombie fiction HVZA: HUDSON VALLEY ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, ghost hunting DEAD CENTER, and non-fiction titles such as BAD SCIENCE and GHOSTS OF ROCKLAND COUNTY. She has a Master’s in English Literature, and has made numerous appearances on television, radio, and even an appearance in an award-winning documentary, based on her book IN THE NIGHT SKY. An avid lecturer, she has travelled to many conventions and universities speaking of her interest in Astronomy and the space program. Much to her delight, she was transformed into a comic book character in the Ghost Investigator comics, based on her popular series of books.


Awards – Wins and Nominations

Silver Medal for Humor, BAD SCIENCE, 2011 (Independent Publishers Awards)

Best Author of 2012, 2012 (Hudson Valley’s Times Herald Record)

Most Recently Published Book (as of March 2019)

You get a fascinating history of unthinkable criminal acts perpetrated against spouses, family members, and complete strangers in a region where still to this day, some people don’t even lock their doors.

What do you get when you take the tranquil Hudson Valley of New York and add four serial killers, a mass murderer, and a handful of other men and women with guns, knives, and axes, who have homicidal tendencies?

The cases in this book span over a century, and occur in quiet, rural areas, and in bustling town centers. These homicides were committed by both genders, and by people ranging in age from a teen to a senior citizen. The murderers were both highly educated and intelligent, as well as those who were most decidedly not either. In other words, there is no discernible pattern, no cookie cutter description of who is capable of committing these brutal crimes.

The next murderer or serial killer could be anyone; your boss, your neighbor, your brother, your best friend, or your wife.

Perhaps after reading this book, you’ll make sure all of your doors are locked.

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Other Work:

Hvza: Hudson Valley Zombie Apocalypse

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Dead Center

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Bad Science

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Ghosts of Rockland County

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In the Night Sky

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