Profile: Maria Alexander

mariaalexanderMaria Alexander is a produced screenwriter, games writer, virtual world designer, award-winning copywriter, interactive theatre designer, prolific fiction writer and poet. Since 1999, her stories have appeared in acclaimed publications and anthologies.

Her debut novel, Mr. Wicker, won the 2014 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First NovelPublisher’s Weekly called it, “(a) splendid, bittersweet ode to the ghosts of childhood,” while Library Journal hailed it in a Starred Review as “a horror novel to anticipate.” Her breakout YA novel, Snowed, was unleashed on November 2, 2016, by Raw Dog Screaming Press. It won the 2016 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel and was nominated for the 2017 Anthony Award for Best Children’s/YA Novel. She’s represented by Alex Slater at Trident Media Group.

When she’s not stabbing someone with a foil or cutting targets with a katana, she’s being outrageously spooky or writing Doctor Who filk. She lives in Los Angeles with two ungrateful cats, a Jewish Christmas caroler, and a purse called Trog.


Awards – Wins and Nominations

Nomination Best Children’s/YA Novel, Snowed, 2017 (Anthony Award Bouchercon2017)

Young Adult Novel, Snowed, 2016 (Bram Stoker)

Best First Novel, Mr. Wicker, 2014 (Bram Stoker)

Nomination Poetry, At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned & the Absinthe-Minded, 2011 (Bram Stoker)

Most Recently Published Book (as of September 2018)


Book 2 of the award-winning YA trilogy that started with Snowed. Kidnapped by his father, Aidan MacNichol returns home to a terrifying ice fortress in the Arctic Ocean. His dying father makes Aidan a deal: if Aidan finds a mysterious healing agent beneath the fortress, he’s free to leave. Aidan sets out on the perilous journey for the cure, but finds the cost is far greater than he could possibly imagine. Meanwhile, Charity Jones leads her friends on an armed, high-tech expedition to the Arctic coordinates she’s seen in her dreams. Their mission: to kill Krampus and save Aidan. But when Charity discovers Aidan’s shocking fate, she makes a mistake that starts the countdown to apocalypse. Can Charity and her team stop the clock?

Or will humanity pay the ultimate price?

Book Buy Links: Better World Books | Amazon | Ghede Press

Other Work


Book Buy Links: Better World Books | Amazon | Ghede Press

Mr. Wicker

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Tales From The Lake Vol. 4

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Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

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Halloween Tales

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