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Marisa Noelle is the writer of middle grade & young adult novels in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, horror & mental health including The Shadow Keepers, The Unadjusteds Trilogy (The Unadjusteds, The Rise of the Altereds & The Reckoning), and The Mermaid Chronicles—Secrets of the Deep.

She is a mentor for the Write Mentor program that helps aspiring MG & YA authors. With dual citizenship, Marisa has lived on both sides of the Atlantic and uses settings in both the USA and UK as inspiration for her novels. When she’s not writing or reading or watching movies, she enjoys swimming. In the pool she likes to imagine she could be a mermaid and become part of some of her make-believe words. Despite being an avid bookworm from the time she could hold a book, being an author came as a bit of a surprise to her as she was a bit of a science geek at school. She lives in Woking, UK with her husband and three children.

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Featured Work

The Shadow Keepers


Sixteen-year old Georgia Boone sees evil, shadowy creatures in mirrors. They look like humanoid crows and stare at her with hungry red eyes. Recently, they’ve been whispering terrifying threats.

Of course, no one believes her.

When Georgia is sent to the UK’s most prestigious mental health centre, Brookwood Hospital, she is forced to face her fears and answer the question…


At Brookwood, the supernatural shadows are more present than ever.

When patients start to go missing, Georgia teams up with a mysterious boy who is trapped inside the mirror world. Only with their forces combined can she prove she’s not hallucinating.

But will she be able to stop the ghostly shadows from seeping out of the mirrors and possessing the human race?

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