Profile: Myria Candies

Myria Candies is a self-published and rising author. She is a horror novelist who enjoys writing all genres while putting her own dark twist onto each one. Myria’s dreams are what brings her hauntings to life, and her writing shares the tales with the readers. She is currently working on 90+ titles and is a stay at home wife.

Myria prides herself in her debut novel, Black Hollow, which is available in Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Myria is currently working on her next book, The Bitter Taste, and plans to release it to the public next year.

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Most Recently Published Work (as of January 2021)

In the city of Boston, James meets the captivating Elene. Mesmerized by her beauty, in a destitute position, he accepts an invitation to join her and a mysterious man at their estate to tend to the sickly Amelia.

Lies, murder, ominous occurrences and a professed love cause him to stay way past his desire. Every turn at Black Hollow uncovers hidden secrets and dark stories from the past. All to reveal a devastating truth behind why he was brought here in the first place.

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